Revenue Growth: Using the McKinsey 7S Model

Every company, team, or a business unit has objectives to achieve a high level of performance. How does a CEO or a VP of Sales or an executive leading another team go about figuring out if the organization is going to achieve its intended objective?  Below is a summary of

Troubleshooting Your Sales With a “5P Analysis”

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new Q1.  Many companies are doing Sales Kickoffs this week.  Some companies are challenged because last year sales did not hit the number and revenue did not grow as intended in the annual plan.  Others already see early signs

Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy

If you are looking to accelerate your revenue with a new product launch or entering a new market, one of the key aspects of your Marketing Strategy must be a clearly defined Go-to-Market.  A Go-to-Market Strategy (aka “GTM”) is, at the most basic level, a plan of how you

The “MAP” in your Go-to-Market Plan

If you are a CEO, a VP of Sales or a VP of Marketing thinking about accelerating revenue growth, you need to invest in clearly defining your Go-to-Market Strategy.  One of the key aspects of scaling is making sure you understand it clearly. A Go-to-Market Strategy (aka “GTM“) is

What is Sales Strategy?

Every successful Sales Leader knows what “Sales Strategy” means. But this term is sometimes over-used or thrown around in ways that don’t really refer to the correct definition of Sales Strategy.  So what is the correct definition of Sales Strategy? To state simply, it’s an operating plan for